Wow.  Peace and QUIET Right now let met process this. I have a verse to give. TO YOU DUDE. Galen used to say I grew up in a Stephen King town and I agree but that gotten me a little RILED UP LIKE WTF. This is a Stephen King story. Well not stephen's King. Or... Continue Reading →

Gotta go, yo, I’m just a ghost

Hey all.  I have loved blogging here but i can no longer afford to be a starving artist.  I'm a ghost....officially.  Whirlwind is over.  What a mean storm.  If you would like to follow me you may visit my patreon page...and I would very much appreciate your support! I have a lot of projects I... Continue Reading →

41. Eli

On a day that was too rainy to go out and play Emma and Eli took a book to their favorite nook to have a look at what was inside.   I came up with the idea for Eli when I was ten years old.  I thought there was nobody better to write a children's... Continue Reading →

This blog

I lost my phone, so I will be difficult to get a hold of.  Hope whoever finds it is able to jailbreak it and has needed an iphone 🙂  I thought I needed it for a long time but I have been trapped in a place of in between where I don't much have the... Continue Reading →


I would LOVE to see a world war fought by competing color guards :). Like...OH YOU THINK YOU KNOW HOW TO DANCE?  North Korea took that one?  Or did Russia?  America's got some moves, how bout you China?? I would love that.


Well all, I'm in the THRONGS OF THIS MIDLIFE CRISIS THING.  It's an odd summer and the sky feels strange and the atmosphere feels toxic and I don't quite know what the world is anymore... I just know that I have a bunch of these fam pics that I'm planning on youtubing should I ever... Continue Reading →

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