Dear Emma – (Nov. 6, 1996)

***Wowowowow…I’m looking at a tub of journals and it’s filled with just a bunch of scrapbooks and diaries that I haven’t looked at but for specific things …. EVER.   Since I’m at a crossroads as far as the concept of being in a marriage goes, and in the process of a divorce… it is time for a new beginning:  Perhaps I should look back to re-evaluate the experience and not repeat my mistakes?  I want to thank my creative writing and Film Study teacher, Mr. Davis, for having made learning FUN!***  1996 North Kitsap High School (Poulsbo, Washington State) creative writing class assignment, write a letter to yourself in five years.

Nov. 6, 1996

Dear Emma –

OK, here’s the scoop.  Last night Clinton was elected president for the second time, this was your first presidential election to vote in, and you DIDN’T vote for him but that’s OK.   Last night you also lost your first league title in soccer for the first time in your high school career.  It was very frustrating and you aren’t in the best of moods right now!

You are currently seeing Greg Fulton, he is the man you have been praying for and hopefully when you read this you two are still together, with any luck, married, and very happy!  You’re a senior, presently, but five years from now you will be 23.  It’s strange to think where I will be then, or what roads I will have traveled down (hopefully some in the direction of DISNEY WORLD!!)  I wonder if I’ll still be in contact with my friends … tell me Emma…how has that Megan Fogle been doing?  Are you keeping her in line?  And have Melissa and Ruben been married?  Emma…Do YOU have any kids?  You better still be involved in some sort of basketball program, because you love basketball!

How are Grandma and Grandpa?  Kyle and Warren, Erik and BJ, Mom and Dad?  Is everybody still living in Eglon,  How is Kevin and Cathy?  (Hopefully they aren’t together!)  And PLEASE tell me that they haven’t gotten married. 

Emma, have you started your book yet?  If you haven’t, you better get started.  What do you do?  are you a paramedic or nurse?  Did you go to college like I told you to!?!!!!

It’s so strange, I’m on the brink to the next stage of my life, and I’m scared about it.  You know, where am I oing to be in 5 years, but of course, you’ll be able to answer all of my questions.  My advice to you (me) is that you stay close with God, be nice to everyone, and help old ladies cross the road.  OK.  And write that book, you need to do that.  Understand?  Good?

Good Bye, Emma…… signed Emma Nielsen, Attorney at Law

(I worked at a law office filing paperwork back when I wrote this.  I started in the office at sixteen and went on to be secretary for awhile at 19 and 20, hence the ‘Attorney at Law’.  I would probably make a horrible lawyer!!  But I was sixteen I was at the lawyers office and I FOUND MY OWN PARENTS LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT.  In their original (they changed when I was like 22) they willed my brother and I to Chuck and his wife should anything happen to them….Oh silly life.  There was a picture of someone sitting on Chuck’s lap that back in the late eighties and early nineties I remember was pinned up on the board at the community club for what felt like forever….he was dressed up as Santa Clause at the Eglon Christmas program.  The men of the town took turns every year who was Santa and that was Chuck’s year.  It may even been a picture of me on his lap, to be honest with you…?  I remember that picture giving me a stomachache later when I recognized who it was, like….everyone was watching!  But nothing was happening… and in the picture…I hadn’t known it was Chuck, at the time, he looked like Santa and he had gifts and I was singing Christmas carols and hanging out with my friends and having fun and that’s all I knew.  But then there was that one year…Santa smelled like Old Spice.)


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