Another full circle flat earth kind of day :).  (I have an obnoxious dot-connecting brain…always drawing parallels and making associations).  I just started playing this video game today, entitled “Life is Strange“…and it started with a girl in a crazy whirlwind of a storm at a lighthouse (featured photo is a Google Image Search “Life is Strange Video Game” find)…the picture reminds me of my tattoo….and I heard more discussion of this flat earth business today, so as I’m playing this game I’m thinking how true….Life IS strange.  It IS weird.  It IS interesting….and interesting is exciting 🙂  In fact…life is so exciting that I stopped playing Life Is Strange and went outside and enjoyed the spring sun.  🙂

I have heard it through the grapevine that some very peculiar things will be taking place in our skies in the upcoming years… Between drones and light pollution and chem trails leaving man-made clouds like little pencil lines through my blue skies…I bet this is truth.  I bet this is no lie.  Don’t be fooled … I have run enough private drills with private departments to know things can be done privately.  And I’ve known enough people I trust in enough different agencies that have done the same.  Both in the skies and in the depths of the oceans….and I’ve seen enough with my own eyes.  False flags happen, and they are cruel and mean.

I wonder the motivation?


Why manipulate the masses?  Government has been sinister…(I’m going to stop calling places by their name…as in, America, and  Russia and China.   I’m going to clump them all into the same boat:  Government-elite…. boys and girls in a sandbox playing God.  They’ve separated us into our different boxes for a long time, we may as well start calling it what it is and NOT by it’s location…)  Secretive.  Stealthy.  I wonder how old Shakespeare was when he realized the world was a stage?  NOT A MARBLE, lol….. (J/K….idk what Shakespeare knew or didn’t know, or believed or didn’t believe.  I don’t even know what I know or believe…like I am discovering, life is full of intrigue and I have been blessed with an active imagination eager to discuss the possibilities.)



I don’t know.  Life is weird.


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