An Open Letter To Mr. Trump.

Hello Donnie boy, how are you doing?

I would like to start AN AMERICAN MOVEMENT to NOT PAY ANY TAXES.  None.  What – so- ever.

It will crumble and fall and people will die and chaos will happen…yes yes yes…silly man.   But what did you build your foundation on?  MONEY?  THE DOLLAR?  OR SOMETHING DEEPER?  Here’s the deal…

…until YOU, MR. truMp…..(notice, I didn’t call you Mr. President, because there is no M. in president, and I really wanted to capitalize the M in your name as a monument and a testament to what YOUR WIFE HAS HAD TO PUT WITH UP WITH AND WATCH HAPPEN – I bet she runs a faster mile, huh?  wink wink.)  I only give respect to those who have respected me AND MINE.  And you have been very disrespectful to my sisters on this earth….lil’ man….HOPE YOU DON’T HAVE THE SAME MICRO PENIS PROBLEM that Hitler had…but…so you know… SIZE DOES MATTER.  Women only said that to be polite.

In fact….I wish AMERICA would just GO ON STRIKE.  JUST STOP SHOWING UP.  Its hard when you have kids to take care of I know.  Its hard when you have people you love, I know.  It is HARD.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better.  So…this is just a formal NOTICE to the Humty Dumty that WANTED A WALL.  Emma Kristine Nielsen Bush from the Seattle Area, in Washington State – will not be paying taxes ever if possible…if I can find a way to not give you an extra penny, I will, and I feel that until you show us how YOU DID IT, that is MY RIGHT.  YOU WITHHOLD FROM ME SIR, AND I WILL WITHHOLD FROM YOU.

Because it was Jesus that said, give to Cesar’s what is Caesar’s….and I HAVE BEEN A WHORE IN BABYLON FOR TOO LONG.


Emma Kristine

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