“You’re always trying to save the world, Emma…but you can’t even save yourself.”  – His words echo in my mind.  An ex… a past… an abuser… a lover… a man as broken as I was back before we realized either of us had been broken…back when we were too busy living and running from what happened in our yesterdays, borrowing time from tomorrow…

It’s true.  He was right.

I’m delivering newspapers at night these days.  It’s all I really am now…just a newspaper delivery girl for the local Herald, pollinating Herald boxes in the middle of the night like a bee. In the back of my car I have a bunch of toiletries and old clothes, some blankets and other goods to hand out to my homeless peeps I meet along the way.  Someday I’ll find a way to just live paying it forward…right now I’m just Emma without her ambulance, doing my best to encourage people as I go along.  The broken have stories that can change the world…they just need to be heard.

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