Holy Smokes Eye SEAS A GHOST!

Back in 1987, those prehistoric days…B.I.  (Before Internet)…..in the Eglon, in Western Washington, in the Pacific Northwest, across the Puget Sound from Seattle…I had NEVER HEARD OF THE KKK.  It wasn’t in my vocabulary.

Ten years later after my grandma found out I was prom queen (which was odd because, maybe I watch too many movies…I wasn’t a “prom queen” kind of girl….”

“You’re going to prom with a dark boy, huh?”  She smiled at me….

“Yes…he’s black.”  I didn’t know HOW she knew.  But as soon as I said “he’s black” and I watched her expression change to shock…not bad…just…a lil’ drop of her chin…and she spared emotion….as in…I never saw her have any…  Her plethora of knowledge and her associations with names hadn’t occurred to me at the time…that she would think Mario was an Italian…tan….”dark” boy….

“OH.”  Was all she said….

I LOVE HER….hold on…let me snag a pic…

Margaret Anderson-now Nielsen…. and her lil granddaughter, Emma Kristine circa 1981?

1980 (80)(1).jpg

Personally I think she’s beautiful….and I could only hope to be as beautiful as her when I am elderly.

At Halloween we’d do this fun thing and carve pumpkins.  Every year we would sneak down to grandpa and grandma’s and SCARE THE WITS OUT OF THEM with our awesome Jack-O-Lanterns…and as an adult now…I smile…I love my my grandma.  She wasn’t REALLY scared.  But she sure fooled me :).

In 1987 however, when Heidi was Tom Sawyer (good costume, Heidi Noel!) and my brother was the clown costume sewed by my amazing mother….we both wore it once or twice.  But You’ll notice in the first pic….I’m like…gah….my eyeballs and my mouth are being suffocated!!!! HELP ME HELP ME CLAUSTERPHOBIC!

1987 (33)(1).jpg

But it wasn’t like it couldn’t be fixed. ..grandma would often have to do surgery on our stuffed animals…Kevin and I had BOBO and George (a sock puppet and a curious George….Brody….am I remembering correctly?  Do you have a pic?) …  Anyways, mom, cut my face out (thank you….I CAN BREATHE 🙂 and add a little white face paint and I’m as much a ghost as I was before, but perhaps I look less…I’m OK…there’s Emma…you don’t know it’s her, cause she’s hiding herself under a sheet, but guess what…when the sheet comes off…there I am.

Clothes are a funny thing.  I DID NOT LIKE DRESSES when I was young because it was so easy for Chuck to slide his fingers up the insides of my chubby little 3 year old thigh..however…I DID LOVE BEING A GHOST because my shape was hidden.  My little girl was hidden…I could hide…I felt safe.

I KNOW NOTHING OF ISLAM.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT BURKAS ARE…OR WHY….BUT GIRLS….if you feel safer hiding behind a veil like a NINJA IN DAYLIGHT and nobody has a clue what you are capable of, you EASTERN STAR?

…I have NO IDEA what the EASTERN STAR IS.  I wish someone would tell me.

Do you know?  Fellow reader?  Do you know?  Fellow American?  Do you know, fellow glow in the dark pasty white girl?  Do you know black girl?  So you know brown tan and everything in between girl?










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