http://q13fox.com/2017/05/09/hanford-tunnel-collapse-nuclear-waste/  – Today I read this article on how the Hanford Nuclear Site in Western Washington is nothing to worry about…it IRKED ME.  My favorite/LEAST FAVORITE blatant harmful LIE spread in this article is found in a paragraph that reads as SUCH:

A portion of an underground tunnel containing eight rail cars full of radioactive waste collapsed Tuesday at a sprawling storage facility in a remote area of Washington state, forcing an evacuation of some workers at the site that made plutonium for nuclear weapons for decades after World War II.   Officials detected no release of radiation at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and no workers were injured, said Randy Bradbury, a spokesman for the Washington state Department of Ecology. 

I LOATHE being lied to.

To clarify:  A “remote” place in Washington is less than 200 miles as the crow flies to the sprawling urban corridor of Seattle, not to mention …this compound half the size of the state of RHODE ISLAND sits on the Colombia River.  Today is May 19.  Yesterday was the 27th anniversary of the explosion of Mt. St. Helens... do you know how far that ash traveled, that gray, visible ash….that you could see?  Can you imagine what something that is lighter and travels invisibly in the wind…how far that could travel?  Perhaps you should try to find out?

I remember a time from my youth when my mother spared my feelings by not telling me that my dog died … I had been away from home and I was always homesick and she knew this news would hit me hard and make the remainder of my trip more difficult.  In other words, she knew that the truth would make an already painful and challenging experience, more difficult.

HOWEVER.  When I came home and found out that all of those things I thought were certain while I had been away from home…that indeed when she said “We’re all good and Gus is wagging his tail waiting for you…”  She was protecting my sensitivities and LYING TO ME because IT WAS EASIER FOR HER than to hear me be sad and/or upset and want to come home when I wasn’t able.

I get it.

But I’m a grown up now and therefore I would like it if ALL THINGS stopped lying to me, particularly the media. 

NOW:  For those of you who DID NOT GROW UP in Washington and ARE NOT AWARE of what Hanford is, the many attempts to keep what has happened there and what is happening there HUSHED, and are relying on the news to give you a reliable and truthful picture of what is taking place in the world, you are being treated as a child that can’t handle the truth….If you live in Washington State and have heard of Fukishima in Japan and don’t realize that you have the same nightmare beginning to unfold in your backyard?  Start being aware…I don’t know how to tell you politely….I imagine it’s safe to say that the Government doesn’t know how to live with themselves and continue with themselves WERE YOU TO BE FULLY AWARE OF THE TRUTH because they rely on you to be good worker bees keeping them going.

Reality check:  If you think this doesn’t affect you?  Like the government told Flint there was nothing wrong with their water?  WAKE UP.  IT DOES.  Start planning now how you will explain to your children as they watch in horror at what happens to your grandchildren WHY YOU STOOD BY AND DID NOTHING. 



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