It’s set in motion,
you can’t stop it.
You can bob and weave,
you can’t hip hop it.
Its too late,
its already started.
In your face,
your life bombarded.
So hang tight!
Grip firm!
Stand upright!
…get low!
Brace yourself,
don’t look back,
storm IS coming-
hurricane attack!
Whiplash will pull
 you back!
Keep your eyes open…
observe be wary.
Things are coming at you from all
very scary.
It did
it did
it did
just begin.
Hang tight,
sleepless nights
enjoy your whirlwind!


Whirlwinds are that period of time following a major life-event or trauma.  Trauma’s can wear many masks and are never to be compared.  To one person, it could have been a painful divorce, to another it was a car accident or witnessing or experiencing violence…

My whirlwind was a strange phenomena where my past came and knocked on the door of my present while my present was a nightmare.  My past had been like a sleeping giant that I had tried to keep buried under a pile of accomplishments.  I thought that if I went full speed ahead into my future I’d never have to stop and look at where I came from and those secrets that had made me sick, so for awhile it slumbered…but pasts are something that aren’t meant to be buried, ignored, swept under carpets or overlooked.  How can you build a sturdy life in the present if you are building it on a foundation as unpredictable as a sleeping giant?  Eventually it will wake up and the ground will quake and stir and it will fight to free itself from the years of neglect you tried to bury it under…

I think of trauma as a rock on my shoreline.  The tide is still going to come and go, but now there is an obstacle preventing it’s path from traveling freely as it had once been accustomed to.  As the tide moves around the rock, whirlpools are a natural response to the new trauma, and at first it may feel like the current may get trapped there, but the tide always finds a way to come in.  Always.


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