The Little Girl and the Cave

Where did you go-o-o?
You were my only friend..
End, end end?

(Written 2017 by Emma Bush)

A little girl had been on a journey through a foreign land that she had been afraid to navigate alone, though that is exactly how she found herself.  She tip-toed around obstacles, afraid to disrupt anyone.  She had asked for help once, and had been met with anger and told she was trespassing, so she continued along her way, determined not to make that mistake again, even though she was clearly lost, with no map to follow but the stars.

One day the little girl happened upon a cave.  She was so grateful because the clouds had moved in and the rain begun to fall, and she had been hoping to find shelter and rest.  A place to DEBRIEF, as her journey had all but killed her.

She walked up to the entrance of the cave and shouted inside.  “HELLO!”  She screamed into the cave, hoping that it was either uninhabited or perhaps home to what would be a new friend.

“OH-OH-OH” She heard echo back.  At first she was so excited that someone had heard her, but then she hesitated and withdrew fearfully, unsure what the inhabitant in the cave had meant by “Oh.”

“How are YOU?”  She asked, yelling as loud as she could into the mouth of the cave.  She wasn’t sure if whoever was inside was able to hear her, or how deeply into the cave they were hiding.

“YOU! – Ew, ew!”  She heard respond.

Oh no!  The little girl stepped away from the mouth of the cave.  “Ew?”  Whoever was inside either didn’t want company, or they thought the little girl was disgusting.  Saddened and alone, she walked away…


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