2. Communication is KEY

(2017 by Emma Bush)

When I write
with my right hand?
I can write right….
It comes out just fine,
like snow on Alpine,
shining bright in the moonlight!
For a minute
you may even have to squint!
You may think the moon
is sunlit?
But it isn’t.
Is it?
My left eye can wink
and I don’t even have to think,
but my right eye
is not such a sly guy,
when it comes to winking
it CAN blink without thinking
but it can’t wink
without making faces
and faces displace us….
Body making language…
speaking without a sound.
Like our language as it changes
as our cultures compound.
I grew up hearing
“lefties have RIGHTS TOO!”
Just like east has west
and north says to south

What do you know of where the language you speak was born?  It’s taken me 38 years to really learn how to communicate and I’m still a work in progress.  Please watch the video below, I find it fascinating…Learning your roots helps you to read your history, and I feel like our histories are our ancestors speaking to us.  Everyone should learn how to read history…What has your history been?


Interesting and PROFOUND observation:  I recently spoke to a nurse that said, “You realize that sixty percent of communication comes through body language….”


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