Be aware-
be alert-
be a student,
Be educated lest your
lack of intellect
creates a back door
where ‘they’ll’
And who’s “they?”
-Ewe say?
Maybe I don’t know.
THEY are NOT your friend,
that is all I know,
and that’s as far as I’ll go.

I heard RUMOR, years ago when I was defending LGBT rights….I heard RUMOR and one of the arguments AGAINST supporting same-sex marriage was that the NEXT AGENDA would be to make marriage or sex with children legal, and I GUFFAWED IT…I did NOT believe the world was so blinded and confused as to NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONSENSUAL SEX, WITH TWO CONSENTING ADULTS, AND RAPE, INCEST, AND SEXUAL ASSAULT.

Truth:  Some people are attracted to youth…the innocence…Do I hate you for having this problem?  No…I only want to head butt you when YOU ACT ON IT.  I hope you are able to get help.

GUESS WHAT EVERYONE…I’m nobody to judge, I’m not perfect…I make MISTAKES ALL THE TIME, and have MADE MISTAKES.  BUT PREYING ON INNOCENCE IS THE BEST WAY TO CREATE A WORLD OF SOCIOPATHS.  If you don’t feel guilty about putting your hands on the sex of a child, I’d venture to call you somewhat sociopathic…DO YOU EVEN HAVE AN IDEA OF THE DAMAGE YOU ARE DOING IN YOUR MOMENT OF GREEDY SELFISHNESS?  I wonder how many of these people, who find nothing wrong with sexualizing innocence had their compasses misaligned when they were young?

I spoke to a man a year ago, he was my father’s age, and had just gotten out of prison where he spent years for raping and or molesting a 13 year old girl…That was the charge.  In speaking to him, however (it was difficult, and my stomach was churning) he saw it as a seduction, and told me that “She actually appreciated what I taught her, and the things I showed her, she was young and not aware of what her sex could be….” – If you believe this?  I hope you seek help.  I am so sad by this world, it is NOT what I thought it was.

Bottom line:  SEX IS NOT SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE TAUGHT, hands on, from an adult to a child outside of sex ed in schools…but why our schools have any right to even begin to speak or teach sex before teaching basic human psychology is beyond me.  You should at least teach coping mechanisms and definitions for basic human emotion before trying to teach sex to a child, don’t you think?  Jealousy, anger, rage, happiness, contement…depression, anxiety….Strange that our schools teach sex before they teach the coping mechanisms to understand the journey.

Our sex is OURS.  And when we are at the right time and place we may venture to experiment with it, or share it with another human being.  It should be awkward, and fun, and full of embarrassments as you learn and figure it out with YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE YOUR AGE.  It IS NOT something meant to be ‘taught’ to a child with hands on lessons.  That is not a gift.  That is ABUSIVE and PROGRAMMING SEXUALITY….

We need to be a world of CYCLE BREAKERS, and we need to be AWARE of the societal temperature on matters, even when they are uncomfortable to discuss.  I have children out there who are dear to me, and to think this is the world they are going to be set free into breaks my heart.



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