Are YOU De-sensitized?

There was a night when I was five years old that mom found herself having to calm my wide-eyed anxieties…  I had watched the news that day and listened to talk of the possibility of war with Russia… it was probably 1984.  That evening a plane flew over our house and I started crying, afraid that it was carrying bombs like I had seen on the news…

“We won’t be going to war, Emma, it’s OK.”  She told me.  “That plane is filled with friendly people who are traveling…we are safe.  Your dad and I will never let anything hurt you or Kevin.

Thirty years later and the world is more frightening a place than I have ever seen it.  I wonder what it has been like for my friends who are raising young children right now, and what it must be like for them wanting to protect and preserve their innocence while the world is markedly scarier and more violent and in more chaos than I have seen it in my near four decades of life.  I feel as if humanity is fighting for it’s right to be, and losing to the chaos and quick fixes and violence that turn this world into the Devil’s playground.

Times have changed.  In my childhood I was afraid of spiders, the dark, ghosts, and Russia, in that order 😉  …I wasn’t afraid of going to school, I wasn’t afraid of going to movie theaters or music concerts.  I wasn’t afraid of going to parks and celebrating holidays in crowds.

Have you found yourself de-sensitized?

Are you staying aware of the world events that are taking place?



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