I attended the Eglon church when I was young.  It was a beautiful little church, very small-town, sitting across the street from the Eglon Schoolhouse and Fire Department, which was run by volunteers.

I used to love church.  Every Wednesday during grade school was snacks and Bible stories at Jodi Kile’s for Bible Club.  I grew up in a very small town American town…a very Christian town.

When I remember it, it was like spring mornings,  the fields preparing for hay-bailing season, walking with my parents and chasing after my brother the quarter mile there…it was meeting up with the Ungren family and the Kile’s and the Bryant’s as they made their way down their driveways…it was my first experience with social, and Eglon was filled with other children my age.

Growing up in Eglon really was like stepping back in time.  It will always be home…I remember feeling as if every neighbor were my family member, life had a certainty to it that now seems lost to circumstance.  I remember knowing that every night the sun would set and every morning the sun would rise.  My concerns were fleeting, the forests and fields were my playground, my sisters were the Ungren’s and Heidi, my brothers were Kevin and my cousins, and Drew next door – AND EVERY DAY WAS A GIFT.


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