When I was six years old I imagined Heaven a place I could eat as many Cool Ranch Doritos as I wanted WITHOUT EVER GETTING FAT.  To my six year old self – that was my idea of heaven.  Fast forward three decades, and I have honestly eaten more Cool Ranch Doritos than anyone should…and though I’m at my heaviest in twenty years, and my blood pressure is a lil high (lots of sodium in cool ranch)…I’m still not fat...

I’m pretty certain this Earth IS NOT Heaven….so I’m thinking I need to learn to set my expectations higher.

The Eglon Church was pastored by the son of a Freemason, so in many ways I am not shocked that such a picturesque building in such an endearing little town ended up leaving me with a sour taste in the mouth, nor am I surprised to learn of some of the sinister things that transpired there.  If anything, I’ve got a lot of compassion for the entire lot of us…Perhaps for awhile I was even mad at God for some of it, but I’ve come to believe that God doesn’t mess things up, people do. (-This I know for fact, cause I AM A PEOPLE).

I don’t know that I will ever be a member of a church again, but I’m rearmed with my faith, and  I DO NOT NEED A MAN TO FEED ME GOD, or a building in which to find him… God’s pretty capable of speaking for himself.  You just have to learn to listen. 

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