26. America’s Latest Civil War

My name is Big Pharma.
I’m here to help ya,
not harm ya.
I see your struggling for control
because your kids are go-go-go
and we know they know
that they should be slowing their role
but they won’t and they don’t.
So I have a deal
I think will appeal to you.
I have exactly what you need…
You want to help them concentrate,
and I know exactly the pills they need to take.

Medicine is for medicating
and let’s be real,
I don’t feel its a big deal
force feeding methamphetamine
to America’s pre-teens and their siblings…
What’s wrong if that’s what they need
to control their ADD?
If a doc signs off on the script?
Pure logic!
There’s not a damn thing wrong with it!
Lets work together with our plan of attack,
to get your hyper kid back on track.
Its a quick fix
but why waste your time on something holistic
if we know it won’t do the trick?
Don’t overthink it.
Just grab something to drink from the kitchen sink,
Here’s the opened bottle,
and here’s your glass of water,
now swallow.

That’s right!
Take your Adderol.
You need it to concentrate,
after all…
And look over there at that kid,
he’s been on Ritalin
since he was ten,

The drugs I offer are meant to be a problem solver
not a loaded revolver.
My remedy is perfect for your
troubled son or daughter.
Meth can’t be bad
if your dealer is Uncle Sam.
Meth isn’t meth
when it’s being given to you by your government.

Watch.  Be aware.  THIS IS IMPORTANT, it DOES involve you, and your children.
After being in the world almost four decades, I have seen the EVOLUTION OF THINGS…Understanding the sinister of it has come in bursts … it has been something I DID NOT WANT TO BELIEVE MY COUNTRY WAS CAPABLE OF…and the more I learn…the more I realize governments are capable of anything.
As a child partaking in the D.A.R.E. program at my elementary school in the Puget Sound, I grew up with a biased view on drugs, and a very valid fear of them….NOT KNOWING that at the VERY SAME TIME we were having government programs teach us to fear and stigmatize drug users, they were creating them by giving bonuses to doctors for infiltrating communities around the United States with Ritalin (meth) and Adderol (meth) as well as heroin in the form of prescription medications, while simultaneously creating massive for-profit-jail systems AND an increasingly militant police force.
I WAS YEARS AND YEARS ON AN AMBULANCE BEFORE I UNDERSTOOD THE ILLEGAL DRUGS LAW ENFORCEMENT WERE TARGETING WERE LEGAL DRUGS TO SO MANY OF MY PATIENTS IF ONLY SIGNED OFF BY A DOC …I had not realized these horrible evil drugs were already in mass use on the general public in the form of prescription “medication”… I thought there was a difference between “an evil drug” and “medicine.”
I have lived a life.  I have met many people, and seen many things.  I have met American soldiers and Army Rangers who’s job it was to protect cocaine fields in Colombia before smuggling the drug into the states.  The world’s biggest drug dealers America has, you fund with your tax dollars…but most people don’t want to realize that.

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