Been lost on a gray day
where the shade
and the moon
created a gray shade
that gave
too much lee way.
I used to know my way
but the map I’m reading
didn’t account for the thick
of this gray fog I’m breathing.


A song I love from a book series I doubt I’ll ever read, and a movie that made me nauseated.  HOWEVER….I love the song.

There are NOT fifty shades of gray.  There is black/white – right and wrong – hot cold….and then there’s a swamp of gray area the world is becoming FAR TOO COMFORTABLE WITH…a lukewarm swamp of gray area where predators hide…

I do NOT like the Fifty Shades series, I see it as blurred lines and an attempt for society to normalize violence and violence in relationships.  It is desensitization in action.   *This being said, to each their own.  IF YOU LIKE LOVE TO BE PAINFUL …I tend to think you haven’t completed therapy.  –  I get people like to play, and PLAY HOWEVER IS RIGHT FOR YOU AND YOUR PARTNER –  Just do not make something “normal” that is not.

To all of those out there suffering and confused and in the middle of surviving emotional, sexual and physical abuse at the hands of a loved one…do not be misled by media or society to think this behavior is acceptable –  I wish we lived in a different world that was more validating and willing to offer movies with solutions rather than glamorizing abuse…just KNOW LOVE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HURT…THIS IS WHAT LOVE IS:



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