Home is Where the Heart Is

Homesick – Emma Bush 2015

like a clock with a tock
that’s missing it’s tick.
Something amiss.
Like a kiss blown in the wind,
you can see where it ends,
but where did it begin?
Something’s slightly out of place.
Lost in a crowd without a familiar face.
Not quite sure where you belong,
like an off key song,
nothing’s right,
something’s wrong.

It’s because you agreed.
You stopped and conceded,
that this is all there was,
and this world was all you needed.
You’ve become an empty shell
walking on an earth that’s a living hell,
Telling yourself ‘oh well’
‘get over it,’ -the problem must be you,
acceptance is the key and all you need to do.

You’ve been lost in a storm tossed sea,
just you and I and me
and the waves have been relentless,
you couldn’t see an end to this,
but you saw that light in the distance
shining a little bit of hope
it’s all you needed to cope.
You can cling to the familiar but the ship is going down.
That life that you once knew has crashed
and all that’s left is to drown.

Or you can jump ship,
you can do this,
you can swim to the shore,
strengthened by your longing for something more.
Let the water and the cold
Wash away the old.
Its time to be brave.
All those times you wanted to cave,
have faith your waning strength
will be renewed,
as newness awaits.
You were never alone
but your thoughts became a drone,
an endless negative metronome.
Keep swimming and leave it all behind.
You’re going to survive,
God always at your side.
Forget everything you thought you’ve known
Let it go now, it’s time to go home.

I used to get extremely homesick.  I’ve been known to be somewhat agoraphobic in the past…thankfully, however, I’m also stubborn, and a fear-facer, and when I’m not good at something, I want to figure out why…and practice at being better!  The best cure to my “homesick” was to lose home.  And learn just to BE.
I have not been VERY GOOD AT LIFE! Or I’ve been awesome at it…depending on what your view of success is.  If it’s money?  Then I failed miserably.  If it’s been LIVING and doing the best I can to be the change I want to see in the world?  I’ve succeeded even when it made me look a fool!  Life has been a dichotomy that I embrace as a beautiful journey ripe with pain and HOPE, wrapped in confusion and survival…but PROTECTED BY A FAITH that there IS more to this life than meets THE EYE, and I am a loved child of God’s creation.  SO ARE YOU!

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