Fish Bowl

I had a dream one night
that gave me a
Felt like a I just might
be wound so tight I’ll explode.
I’ve reached my threshold…
The thing bout this dream
is it kept on happening.
Had to see it
and repeat
and repeat it
left me feeling all defeated
and incomplete
and wishing to delete it.


I used to have a recurring dream when I was young. In it I had a fishbowl…and it exploded open out of nowhere, and sent these fish on the ground to flounder…I rushed to the scene in a  PANIC, trying to save all of my dying fish…but as my fish were flopping in the broken glass and bouncing mercilessly off the jagged edges of the fish bowl’s coral…in walked my kittens.

I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED MY CATS.  I’m a LEO.  I speak LION…not lyin’….pretty honest to a fault.  And suddenly my cats were trying to eat my fish and it was HORRIFIC realizing I couldn’t separate them all at once…. The kittens wandered into the room and were mesmerized by watching the fish flop around, oblivious to their plight, more intent on playing with them….I couldn’t keep my fish safe.  I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO KEEP ANYTHING SAFE.

So now I’m working double time, gathering my flopping fish trying to put them into  water before they they died….keep my kittens from attacking them…WHEN THE DOGS COME IN.  And my dogs, that I love, came in with their eye on my cats!

….So I was trying to protect my fish from the cats, and the cats from the dogs…but then THE BEAR CAME IN, and they wanted the dogs…AND THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH OF ME TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE FROM EACH OTHER.

And somewhere around this time I would wake up exhausted.




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