Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost (2011)

Little girl, stop!
Look in the mirror.
Look hard and concentrate,
you’ll be able to see her.
See the woman staring back,
on the verge of giving up?
That’s you,
little girl,
that’s you,
just older,
after years in this world corrupt.
Remind her!
Remind her who she is!
She is so much more,
though she doesn’t know,
than the loss of her innocence.
She is good,
she is loved,
and you must tell her!
She’s forgotten!
Remind her who you are,
as she thinks she’s misbegotten.

Grown woman,
stop now!
Look in the mirror.
Do you see that little girl?
Look hard- you’ll see her clearer.
Remember her?
I see the tear in your eye.
You want to reach out,
you want to hug her,
for reasons only you know why.
You can’t-there’s only one thing you can do.
You can listen to what she’s saying
as she’s trying to talk to you!
It’s important!
Listen hard!
You mustn’t let her down,
like you know the world is going to.
You must fight!
No matter the cost!
You must find her in you,
that little girl lost.

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