26. His’tory Ain’t So Great


TRUTH:  WHEN SOMEONE LIES TO YOU TO PROTECT ‘YOUR FEELINGS?’  THEY ARE MOST LIKELY PROTECTING THEIR FEELINGS, or hiding their actions….aka, they are cowards and they have the money to publish the textbooks that teaches a “too politely” written version of history to our children like a game of telephone with an operator that is apparently delusional….the history I was taught was not just a lie, it was a slap in the face.

A prime example of such a lie:  let’s discuss Thanskgiving.

Before I get too deeply into this topic, please take twenty minutes out of your life to WATCH THIS VIDEO (lies my teacher told me) and perhaps understand the foul taste in my mouth. It is most unpleasant to hear.  And before you say, “Past is past, there’s no reason to bring up that uncomfortable stuff, that wasn’t ME…”  For two seconds world would you get over yourself and realize that IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU AND NOBODY SAID IT WAS?  ARE YOU DEFENSIVE BECAUSE YOU ARE ACTIVELY DOING SOMETHING WRONG?  OR JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID PEOPLE WILL THINK YOU ARE?  WE AREN’T CRIMINALIZING YOU BY STATING FACT.  Stop doing it to yourself.  Please. Douche bags are cured of their douche beggary by seeing the error of their ways, validating those they hurt, and  remedying their behavior….not by ignoring it.  PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE OUR HISTORY AS A COUNTRY.

We (you and I) did not write this script, we were written into it.  We didn’t create these polluted oceans, we were born swimming in them.  No one president, no one side, no one country, no one people, no republican or democrat, no ONE religion, no ONE race, no ONE gender….Nobody gets to take blame that exists today UNLESS they are those who continue to oppress.  And NO ONE anything will be able to fix it, either.  We will fight the evils at play together, as a WORLD TEAM, (a world GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE ANSWER UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING OWNED)….or we will finish the depleting this planet of her resources, replacing green grass with gray concrete and….ughhhhh.

What is so frightening to me is as we live and speak, there are textbooks being written that are discussing how the brave and heroic Cristopher Colombus found the new world and how the Native Americans then happened upon these settlers who were unable to care for themselves as they had been unprepared for the harsh of the winter they arrived.  The Native Americans did the HUMAN AND GOOD THING, they helped their stinky new neighbors who were infested with disease and poor hygiene…not only did they help them survive through the winter but they taught them how to farm and prepare for the next….working together, two different worlds holding hands ….and then at the first harvest the next fall, a gigantic feast transpired and the tradition has lived on in America throughout the years in a holiday known as Thanksgiving.  Cute story.  But a big lie in every way.

My ex husband was a Jehovah’s Witness.  Much of why he became the way he became had to do with his upbringing.  I remembered his mother telling me that all the holidays we celebrate are pagan holidays and that’s why she refuses to celebrate them, and I remembered telling her that I didn’t care if there was a holiday named Ouji Board, its just the name of a day that is an excuse to get together with friends and family to celebrate life and darn it, I’ll REDEFINE IT!

HOWEVER, that being said.  Simply deleting the old meaning and replacing it with a feel good Disney version doesn’t work without doing mankind a disservice….that and Ouji boards scare me!  YOU can’t redefine something IMPORTANT….because… that starts to feel like a lie, now doesn’t it….a delusion….Turns out my brain is clean enough…it can stop being washed now by the nationalistic propaganda that has been shoved down my throat since I was a little girl.

I knew that when the travel worn sailors hit Plymouth Rock that if it had not been for the Native Americans that showed them how to farm and harvest and work the land (these were sailors, not farmers) and survive the first winter, perhaps I wouldn’t be here right now….perhaps neither would you.  The Native Americans did as one does when a guest arrives….a living breathing guest, no matter how foul smelling the weary travelers were, they helped them…that’s the human thing to do.

What they failed to teach me in elementary school, while I sat in between all of my peers as a young Wolfle Wolf on the Kitsap Peninsula, was that the harvest that we still celebrate today as “Thanksgiving” was actually a mass murder.  It was a HOOK LINE AND SINKER.  What better way to thank those who saved your life after you showed up uninvited, no matter how different their culture or strange their ways to yours (I guarantee you it goes both ways) than to prepare a big feast that you poison them with….killing over 200 in one big “celebration.”

– Sounds straight up evil to me.

America, can you please come forward with all your OLD lies and stop with the NEW lies because this is getting old…. Stop trying to manipulate the masses like we are puppets on your stage to be toyed with.  I have no respect for cowardice.  Don’t make me sit in an elementary class with my Sklallam and Suquamish Tribe friends and make cute cutouts of Indians and pilgrims holding hands to take home to our parents like a band-aid on a festering wound, while you snicker at the irony of this upside down and back words society you have created.  You can’t turn ugly into pretty with words.

Let’s UNITE WITH OUR story.  Raised being fed HIStory with dessert by MANsanto is going to create hells for your grandchildren.  If you don’t REad HIStory you will REpeat the past.  It just is.

Please everyone.  I know life is hectic.  We are all busy on our hamster wheels, all over-whelmed….but please start to wake up….because time is critical at this point.  We are making decisions now that will be felt in the heartache of your your children’s children.


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