God, Lets Arm Wrestle Over This One

Holy smoke!
When I took a toke!
I scanned the crowd of folk
and found myself-
another GHOST!


It would be a downright flat out LIE to say that I have not struggled with religion as a direct result  OF THE BIBLE …

One of the things I had the hardest time accepting was…myself…”my role…” as a woman.  I grew up being taught by my pastor that it was acceptable to beat your wife… I grew up knowing women were to be subservient to men.

Growing up with brothers?  I didn’t see the difference in us, and I didn’t understand.  But I acceptied it as fact and truth…even though it made my stomach turn and churn and didn’t make sense to me.  (being abused when I was little misaligned my compass…I was taught to ignore my screaming gut, but I NO LONGER DO).

I recently saw this video clip made by an atheist and…thank you sir.  Every point you hit  caused me such turmoil and confusion in during those formative years that were so wrought with religion!  I DO NOT TRUST ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY ARE OVER ME.  NOR IS ANYONE BENEATH ME UNLESS THEY CHOOSE TO PUT THEMSELVES THERE AND THAT’S ON THEM -NOT ME.  I’m grateful to God that unlike the atheist that made this – that I DID NOT LOSE MY FAITH DESPITE THE HYPOCRISIES I SAW…I bet the maker of that video isn’t really atheist.  I bet he’s got a lil Heathen Christian in him :).

MEN AND WOMEN WERE MEANT TO BE A TEAM…not a matriarchy or patriarchy….Anything that puts one over the other is manipulative, and NOT OF GOD, that’s how it is in my book, cause this makes my stomachache go away.  🙂 

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