Chapter Changing

Changing Chapters is always hard.  Change is a promise, a gift that is difficult to accept.   

I have a nostalgia problem that I blame on my father.  I recently read a quote by Doug Larson (IDK who that is! -but I want to give him clever credit where clever credit is due!) that said “Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good ‘ol days.”

I love my nostalgia problem, now that I am not so overwhelmed by it – likewise for my compassion and empathy problems –  I rather like that about myself…those are seeds I’ll keep.

Change…is…the birth of something NEW, the death of something OLD…


Someday, somehow – this life will make sense…now is definitely NOT THAT TIME.  Welcome to the tower of Babel.  In the meantime I like to think of it as bootcamp, and we are down here getting pummeled and poked and prodded and our souls are being refined and defined and we can level up or get held back…the battle is not what you think it is nor is the enemy.  It is a scary thing…



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