29. Please Don’t Steal From Me…

Ho-hum ho-hum
another conundrum.
Seems to me like no fun.
A little confused which direction to run!
But I can hear my mom say
an adventurous day is a blessed day!
There’ll be a new lesson learned
when you walk away!

My car was stolen thirty days ago.  I have yet to get it back.

This is not the first time I’ve had a car stolen.  My car was stolen when I was 21 from 24 Hour Fitness where I was working as a personal trainer.  Years later, fast forward to Allen…the man who was the self-professed “demon” that stole my book Hope?  Lisa and I didn’t quite realize what a criminal he was until we found out that it had been him after-all, that had taken my very own keys, stole my car, ripped the stereo out of it to make room, then went to my apartment (apparently with several others) and stole everything I had ever worked hard for, even my stepson’s Christmas gift, and the money from my “Stop Child Abuse” bucket I had used in the video I made for Tiny Stars. (Don’t make fun-I’m a dork… I will dance for good causes).

We didn’t know it was Allen until after he had the chance to take my laptop, and then all of the puzzle pieces fell into place and I felt a fool for helping him…-That happened. WHIRLWINDS CAN BE FILLED WITH SOME MOMENTS … getting robbed…I’d like it if this sort of thing stopped.  If you want something I own, please ask me first…we may be able to arrange something.  No more stealing from Emma.  THOU SHALT NOT STEAL FROM EMMA – thank you.

True story, however….(Second time I had a gun to me…gah!) I was walking home from the gas station near my home and there approaching was Allen.  We did not have anything to do with him after we found out he was the one stealing, but there he was, walking up the sidewalk towards me.  Perhaps if someone tells you they are a demon…I should stop trying to convince them they aren’t and realize they are just announcing their presence.  Allen came sauntering down the sidewalk, his silhouette looked ominous.  He was swaying as he walked, sort of rocking back and forth, his hands behind his back.

Another man on the sidewalk pulled a gun.  He told Allen to stop, but Allen was angry the moment he saw the gun and he started to lurch forward as if he were going to charge the man.  And even after he stole from me, I didn’t even think twice, I just ran between the gun and Allen, ran towards him with my arms up yelling “Don’t shoot!  Don’t shoot!  Don’t shoot!”  And covered him with my body…I was so scared.  I remembered tensing, wondering where I was going to get hit…then if…then….WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED???

Nobody needs to get hurt.  I’m reminding myself that now when I do have the urge to punch Mike Thompson in the face for stealing the last thing I had of any value…I got robbed again…I am SO ANGRY…

But do not get me wrong.  I will always love Mike, just now from a distance.  He was a friend.  He is a talented mechanic.  The man I befriended had a big heart…he was not a bad human.  He was lost.  I wanted to believe in Mike.  Like I wanted to believe in Allen.  I prayed with both of them.  I listened to both of their stories and I cried with both of them…hurt people hurt people.  The way I see it, we have a devil on one shoulder, and an angel on the other…and if you ignore your angel, and your gut, and you feed the devil too much, you will become one.

Its never too late for anyone though.  I believe that.  Don’t stop mid-process, you weren’t born to be a demon or a devil…we are all born good, God doesn’t create monsters, this world does.  God loves you anyway – but I think grace isn’t meant to be a reason to chase your tail, live a life of crime, kill, cheat, steal…it’s meant to be something you are so grateful for, and value so much, that you do all that you can to battle for better, and to tame your quirks, and to start feeding your angel … and I’m talking to myself as much as anyone.  To be human is to have been born into a fight, but your body is the battlefield.

I’m praying my car is returned soon, and in good condition.


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