30. Bjorn

Bjorn was the youngest of we Nielsen’s kids of Eglon.

When we were young, Erik Bjorn and I would play cops and robbers.  Erik and I would pretend to be officers, while little Bjorn always insisted on being Coco the police dog.  🙂  – those imaginary criminals we would fight together did not stand a chance against our police department.

We lost Bjorn to cancer in 2008.  He was diagnosed almost two years to the day he passed away.  I had a dream shortly after his death where he showed up at my house, and I ran up to him and wrapped my arms around him and started bawling… but he said, “It’s OK Emma, I will see you again!  We just have to wait awhile, this period of time is temporary, but I am right here waiting.” – I believe I will be seeing him again.

I imagine last week when we lost my aunt Kyle that she got a long overdue hug with her son.  I like to think of Bjorn as one of my guardian angels, I feel like he is with me wherever I go.  Sometimes the family resemblance means he shows up when I look in the mirror.  I’ll make a face and think, “That was a Bjorn smirk.”  🙂

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Grandma and Bjorn, I miss you both!

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