30. Erik and I

Hey diddle diddle
everybody grab your fiddle
turns out I’ve been caught in the middle
ever since I was little.
Life has been a riddle
and my life is a puzzle
I found my voice
and I’ve loosened my muzzle.


“It was the four of you…”  My mother began, “But it was always Kevin and Bjorn, and then you and Erik were clumped together in the middle.

“What do you mean?”  – I asked.

“Kevin was the first born, and that made him special…grandma and grandpa loved him.  It wasn’t that they didn’t love the rest of you, but he was the one that could do no harm, as was Bjorn.  Because Bjorn was the youngest, the adorable baby of the family.  They stood out.  Whereas you and Erik were just in the middle.  Typical middle children.”  She said.

1986 (25)(1)
1985, from L to R – Bjorn, Myself, Kevin in the back, and Erik up front.  Notice the yellow sign behind us – “Dead End” Road – Also known as Pilot Point Rd, in Eglon, WA

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