32. Death of Maria

Do not fret!  Maria was just Kayla Kile, in her first acting role, in Eglon, Washington.  The mystery of her death was what was created when the town pastor gifted his son with a video camera, and the entire group of us got together to create an adventure – complete with horrible acting, a terrible script, and beautiful memories.

Back in the eighties when we all got together to make this happen, there was no internet.  We had no cable television.  We didn’t watch other people have adventures, we had our own :).

The Nielsen triangle sat across the gully from the town pastor, Fred Bryant, and his family.  Rory was the closest in age to my brother and I.  We used to have so much fun, back in those days.  Nielsen land is separated by the Bryant land by a fence that runs a straight line up to Eglon Rd.  When our families were abruptly no longer speaking, Rory and my brother and I had a secret spot inside a hollowed out log that sat just outside the fence-line where we would hide messages to each other.


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