33. Evil Is…

Evil is patient like a snake
that lies in wait…
like a wolf in sheep’s clothing
that walks among those sheep knowing
he has time to study his prey…
knows all the right things to say.
It’s like a friend you open your door for.
He can take his time until the right day.
Evil is insidious,
you live your life oblivious to it’s influence
while it infiltrates and invades
and slowly begins to dictate
your fate.
You can’t see the twisted bony demon
or his legion,
playing with you and circumstance
like you were a marionette under control of his hand.
You don’t even notice until it’s too late…
until its taken over and invaded.
Like a carbon monoxide
you can’t see
but you breathe,
you take it in
like a little white sin,
something you can justify,
you justify it…
And on your exhale you now see.
You are a part of a bigger we,
as it continues to spread like a weed.


This world is Biblical.  Quaranical and tyrannical – It’s got some Jesus in it and it’s got some Mohamed.  It’s a lil bit Buddha and its filled with pests:  humans. Like flees on earth’s surface, you bore enough holes, and abuse her enough, she may find a way to scratch you off her surface.  I say:  If your intent is to use home and abuse home with the idea “we can just move…” I do not wish to have you as a tenant or a roommate because you are not treating home with respect.

Our world is FUCKED UP.  It IS upside and backwards.  I AM SO DISGUSTED BY THE WORKS OF MANKIND.  I AM SO DISGUSTED BY THE DOINGS OF OUR GOVERNMENTS.  You think nobody will see?  You think nobody will know?  Evil creates an energy, and it gains power when you feed it…stop feeding it.  We are all guilty.  To be human is to be born in a battle of good versus evil…but I feel like I can SEE IT right now and it’s frightening me.

The war zone is not just the ground on which you stand, it is your very body, and your soul is in the lurch.

There IS good and bad.  WRONG and RIGHT.  –  Like the checkered floors of my high school, and Freemason halls worldwide…there’s NO ROOM FOR GRAY on the chessboard of earth.  We make mistakes all day long.  Every day.  Normal.  HUMAN.  Not an excuse to BE BAD AND FEED THE DEVIL.  A reason to be GOOD and LOVE YOUR ANGEL….which ear are you listening to?   Be Better.  Flip your script.  Every day you have a new beginning – a clean slate -choose correctly IN TODAY IN THE NOW.

To be forced to lie.  To be forced to pretend and make believe for the sake of protecting people we love…I know there are thousands of people out there that read this that cannot come forward…Be it because of the military or because of some familial conflict or racial and ethnic trauma…many of us are unable to open our mouths.

I am praying for a reverse to this curse that has been written in books, this world where ownership and control supersedes humanity.  I pray for freedom for this world, I pray for a breaking of the chains and the cycles that have bound us.  I pray that the walls I pray that each and every one of us finds peace in themselves…and in turn can be a light that shines bright in the dark of this night that doesn’t seem to end…this battle against the unsaid and unseens and unheards.   I pray for a world community, not government.  I pray that if someone needs something from a neighboring country, they are able to barter and trade for it, not kill rape and pillage – NOT STEAL IT.

I pray for our sons and daughters to be raised in a schooling system that teaches fact, not Hitlerized propaganda.  I pray that we become a community – a family, that all living things work together for GOOD.  I pray that we can come together from all over the world and instead of feeling as if someone is “stealing” someone’s culture –  people would want to SHARE their culture with one another.  Together we will create this smorgasbord of culture and music and history that is edifying, not cancerous.  Not repeating history.  Not resorting to violence.  I pray that the sins of our fathers fathers fathers be forgiven globally, that we can come together and validate the atrocities they committed so as to begin a global healing.

God, I love this earth, I love the people in it.  But I’m praying that you bring down prompt and just action upon it, because it is in chaos and evil thrives there, where chaos is….Please protect my friends and my family.  Lord God I want to thank you for my travels and for the things I have seen and experienced.  I want to thank you for the people that I have met, as I feel like I have brothers and sisters in Norway and Holland and New Zealand and Africa and Germany, and Japan.  All over  Thank you for the wisdom you have given me, and the discernment which I am now practicing….I have learned listened to my gut.  Guide my path and the path of my friends and my family Lord, and I pray for protection and blessings to come their way, that they may know a true peace and a true freedom.

When I was sixteen years old I got down on my hands and knees and I prayed this verse over my life: “(11) I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.  12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

And at thirty eight, God, I want to thank you for answering that prayer and at the end of this journey I want to spare those close to me from experiencing the same.  I pray for this nation, for Canada, for Mexico…I pray for South America.  I pray for China and Russia and Japan.  I pray for all of the Islands out there…I pray

God is GOOD.  He is LOVING.  But he loves Earth….and I’m willing to bet he is PISSED OFF at how we have treated it.  He probably loves Earth more than he loves his creation:  us….cause you can’t have one without the other.  I don’t know why love has to have a hierarchy but it seems to be the way it is.

I pray for peace and love to stamp out the flames of hate and greed.  I pray jealousies fade to acceptance and I pray that divisive groups begin to communicate in such a way that life can thrive – not decay.

I pray for a better Earth that gives our ancestors and those that come after us a safe, loving, fun, exciting experience.  I pray for goodness to win against evil, to choke it out like water puts out fire.  I pray for a tidal wave of peace to wash over us all.  Thank you God, for this day, in Jesus name AMEN.



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