34. Dance It Out

Used to be too scared to dance
felt like I was taking a chance
fear of being mocked left me sour
but I never made a good wallflower
Because when I hear the beat
I don’t think twice
I tap my feet
I boogaloo and glide is how I do.
Shoulder shruggin
not thuggin
but that move I’m stealin’
When I got that pep in my step
I love that feeling!


When I was in high school I used to start every morning by dancing.  It may have been a strange practice, but when my alarm went off I would roll out of bed and shuffle over to my oversized cassette deck and blast out KUBE 93.3 and bust a move.  IT WAS THE BEST WAY TO WAKE UP.  This morning I revisited this old habit, perhaps it’s one I should consider re-instilling as a norm….?

I feel like the world is filled with two kinds of people.  There are those who sit on the edge of the dance floor with a drink in their hand and their ass in a chair who can’t get over their insecurities so instead of dancing themselves they sit and pick apart and make fun of those willing to get out there….and then there’s people like me who stand up and don’t care if I make someone smile or laugh or what the sideline has to say, I JUST DANCE.

I also, when home alone, put music on and dance alone in my bedroom.  I have done this since…well…it’s Emma.  I used to put headphones on and dance outside in the front yard, the older I got the more embarrassed, but … to dance is to let your body speak and react and communicate with music and I LOVE IT.


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