Get Up and Go Fitness

After I retired from my career on the ambulance, I found myself falling back on my go-to career avenue of fitness.  I’ve always been an athlete, be it soccer and basketball in those high school days.  Post high school I attended a year long program with Ashmead College and graduated with a certificate in Fitness Training, and have been certified through several different organizations, including 24 Hour Fitness and Ace.  I have also fought MMA on the professional level, as far away as Korea and Japan, and practiced MMA for the better part of 8 years.  My diversified history in athletics will show up in your workouts, and I often love to incorporate boxing into my workouts.

Get Up and Go Fitness is a simple concept and has improved with growing pains:  I think fitness should be available to everyone.  I believe it should be fun, easy and accessible.  I don’t believe expensive memberships or equipment is necessary for us to find healthy in our lives.  My goal is to bring the gym to you.  I am able to work with your schedule, be it an early morning session at your house before work, or an evening session when you get home.  (Workouts will be designed based on your current fitness level and your goals).

Prices are NEGOTIABLE based on where you live and the TIME – but please talk to me!  I can work with you.  I work for coffee and conversation 🙂  I am also going to begin doing Bootcamps by donation only.  PLEASE BRING A FRIEND AND LETS GET FIT TOGETHER!

Things I ask of you:

-PLEASE COMMIT TO WORKING OUT THREE TIMES A WEEK, if you are only able to afford one day a week, I will walk you through your other days workouts and have them listed for you.  Please check in that you completed your homework.

-BE HONEST!  Be prepared to WORK HARD.  Ibuprofen and ice packs mean we are making progress 🙂

-Nutrition tracking.  IF your goal is to GAIN or LOSE weight I am also going to be discussing the basics of nutrition with you, and ask you to keep a nutrition log.  For more intensive cases I will be consulting with or referring you to Christina Lutoskvy for professional nutrition advice.

For inquiries please text at 425-213-2881.







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