41. Words


This video fascinates me.  I don’t know what is or isn’t, I’m just an objective observer, an active participant, a ghost in the background….but this gentleman thinks as I do.  I’ve long been fascinated with words.  Were I to be a magician, words would be my wand.  If words were to be a canvas, the keyboard is my paintbrush.  Language has long been eye-opening and I have always believed communication was key….

And I often observed these odd double meanings in our language and thought it odd.

I was taught that woman came from a man’s rib, which I thought would be painful and bring ‘woe to man’  – or….silly man, you were inside of HER all along, an egg in your mother’s womb, an idea waiting to come to life.  You are protected, and rest safely inside Woman.  We got you…we will keep you safe.  HA!

Men and woman are an interested thing.  It’s been an exciting life.  Thinking I knew what it was…and then realizing I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE.  Thinking I knew who my own self was, JUST TO REALIZE I HAD NO CLUE.

Here we are now, and I’ll tell you exactly who I am….I’m a little bit him, and a little bit her.  I’m a lil bit Norman Lyle and a lil bit Cynthia Louise  There is more to this life than meets the eye and you were not written into this script by accident.   Wo-Man….I just look at the shapes of the first two letters….w-oman and m-an, the Wand the M are rather mirror-like shaped letters.  The W is always under the M.  But perhaps man will need a place to land when he falls….I don’t know 😉

So…I had a funny thought…perhaps a joke!  It feels a Joke, and the J, shaped like a hook, meant to hookya….What if Earth was really supposed to be a safe place for women, only filled with good men, who were there to show her what love is, not what a family is…not what sex is… not what motherhood is…but a SAFE HAVEN – NOT HEAVEN – a place for those to heal after the world was MADE TO BE HANDED TO THE SNAKE FOR AWHILE.

A place to find JOY!  Happiness.  Where life is more than an cruel metaphor, like my LIFE HAS BEEN A CRUEL METAPHOR.  But I’d do it again, if that meant just one of you out there that reads this?  Knows you aren’t alone….and this is NOT a man’s world.  It is NOT woman’s world, it is a must that it be OUR world, an agreement with both interests inter-woven.

I think ‘It’ wrote the previous script, if you know what I mean… even Galen used to say, Emma, you grew up in a “Stephen King town.”  I’d like to talk to Stephen King, I bet we could come up with a great HBO series.

I haven’t watched television in a long time because it was triggering.  I have experienced a lot of pain.  I have gone through some things I did not at one point think I was going to make it through.  Like…I grew up so oxymoron, upside and backwards, a tomboy, little girl, to a mother that wanted to make her STRONG, and TOUGH, so that she could FIGHT against OPPRESSION AND A DARKNESS.

But, did you know…little interesting Emma fact.  I’ve always been attracted to dark men….Mario White …I saw him just the other day a the class reunion.  He had been the high school reunion.  It was so funny.  He said “Emma you look no different.”  And it’s funny, because I feel no different than around those last times before I had last seen him.  I was a little pudgier, I felt, by the end of high school…I probably always had body image issues…but I grew up with a mother who would tell me YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE FAT LIKE ME when I was a little girl.  I remembered grandma commenting on my mother’s weight…people discussing what she was eating…it made me sick to my stomach.

We Nielsen’s were a rather rigid Crew.  Like the steel of a nail, like Emma the ‘Nailer’ Nielsen.  Of Niel ….?  Like Othniel?  In the Bible?  Wait…

I’m having this quick puzzle piecing monument coming together you guys…

I wonder what it was like growing up in Eglon West Virginia… since I grew up near Virginia and grew up, as the compass sets, pointing a direction from her home and it was West not E.





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