PizzaGate, Chester & Chris Cornell

I watched this music video for the first time today in years…and it gives me the same haunting feeling it did the first time I saw it… when I was younger…it spoke to me in ways I wish nothing did… but I remembered watching and thinking, “I’m not alone.”  – I may not fit in…I may not have been able to talk about it.  I may not have been able to keep myself safe…but I’m not alone.


Now that I understand Chester Bennington was the illegitimate son of John Podesta, a man at the center of the pizzagate child trafficking ring, and that both Chester and Chris Cornell were in the middle of an investigation into pizzagate … this song makes more sense, and Chester’s and Chris’s death criminal.

My heart breaks for what people live through.  And what finally kills them.

I suppose I just wonder how much longer America will be in denial, and allow these monsters in positions of authority in our country continue to manifest the devil with their actions.  The longer I’ve lived, the less I want to be involved with this circus.

Once I may have been like you….I didn’t believe it…. until I looked into it for myself…I can’t deny the evidence…  To deny it would be as criminal as those who have been turning their head all along.

I learn this about Chester, and I see him singing that song, and hear about him opening up about being molested as a child… if pizzagate doesn’t get busted, and the ringleaders get away with it….This society can fuck off.  I don’t care if that’s harsh, but I’ll lose all faith in America.  The society that allows this to happen is the same one that turned the other way when I was eight, crying to an adult asking for help and being told “Never to tell anyone because we don’t want to get him into trouble.”

This world is NOT what I thought it was.  If your proud to be an American right now, you are proud of for profit wars, false flags that have killed thousands of citizens, and profession child molesters.  Have fun raising your kids here.

For the first time in my life, I’m so grateful I don’t have kids.  Because if I did i would feel criminal for raising them in this shits-show society.  THIS IS HAPPENING.  And we all let it.


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