44. Dear WORLD

Dear President Trump, Dear North Korea, Dear Russia:

I KNOW.  I KNOW it is hard being IN POWER.  I know it is hard when your basic needs are not able to be met, I know it is difficult when someone flexes their muscles in such a way that you feel your muscles are not being appreciated.


I would like to point out that it is 2017,  OUR EARTH…ALL OF OUR HOMES are in jeopardy.  May we please lay down our guns and put our heads together in how to GIVE BACK to this world, rather than to take?  I get it, the dollar, that prison sell/cell, that euro, that feigned sense of security.

THIS IS MY WISH FOR THE WORLD, in this REAL LIFE game of RISK that MAN is playing and our GOVERNMENTS are playing with OUR ONE LIFE….can we lay down our guns…read history….and learn a new game?

I would love to see a world where USA’s best swimmer competed with North Korea’s best swimmer for whatever trophy is in question.  Russia’s football team versus America’s team for that mine in Alaska.

THIS LIFE IS NOT A GAME.  So when you make a game out of HUMAN LIVES you are making mistake.  We are NEIGHBORS.  And countries are like rivaling high schools.  LETS NOT MURDER THE OPPOSITION, let’s be friends.  COME ON WORLD.

That’s the last thing I think I need to say.  I LOVE YOU ALL.


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