I would LOVE to see a world war fought by competing color guards :).

Like…OH YOU THINK YOU KNOW HOW TO DANCE?  North Korea took that one?  Or did Russia?  America’s got some moves, how bout you China??

I would love that.

I’ve had guns to my head…and they never went….they won’t go….

I saw it too (what happens when a bullet penetrates a body).  So I always knew what it was, to have guns to your head.  The first time I had guns to my head, I was on the west coast of Africa, during the height of the war in Sierra Leone, that was flooding refugees, military and violence to Conakry, where the hospital ship I volunteered on was docked.

The second time is another story.

The first time I saw a head after it had been blown away at close range, I was 24, working on an ambulance.  The second time… still working on the ambulance…I wouldn’t know for a decade that I would actually meet the victim, and find out he survived.  You never knew, working on an ambulance, if anyone made it…but life comes full circle.

I got guns in my head, and they won’t go.  But “I don’t want an never ending life….I just wanna be alive while I’m here….”


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