On a day that was too rainy to go out and play
Emma and Eli took a book
to their favorite nook
to have a look at what was inside.


I came up with the idea for Eli when I was ten years old.  I thought there was nobody better to write a children’s book than a kid herself!  And my brother, who was so good at drawing, he painted with a brush…but I liked to paint with words.  He was going to illustrate.

I had just come home from Creative Writer’s, and I came home knowing I wanted to be an author.  And I wanted to tell my story about Eli the Elephant!

Eli was a young elephant, and he lived in the jungle with his family.  He had friends and cousins, and a community that he was pleased to be a part of…but what made Eli so special was his magic wand.  Magic had been his favorite hobby…he found that he loved wowing his neighbors and friends with his card tricks … so when he was gifted the wand he realized he was no longer a magician in training, he was the real deal!

That wand was his priced possession, and he carried it with him everywhere, always looking for the opportunity to pull it out and show off a trick he had been practicing.  Being a magician is what Eli felt set him apart.  It’s what made him who he was.  He wasn’t any ordinary elephant, he was a magician!

But then one day Eli lost his wand.  At first he was in a panic, retracing his steps.  He checked underneath the rock he had napped against, and down by the river where he had picnicked for lunch….he asked his friends and his parents…but nobody knew where it was…his wand was missing.

And without his wand…without being a magician, Eli no longer knew who he was.  He found himself in a deep depression, like a gray cloud followed him wherever he went.  He stopped hanging out with friends…and the things that once delighted him no longer brought that spark into his life…he felt lost.

But then one morning Eli woke up and stretched out as he always did….he stretched out his arms and his legs and then he stretched out his trunk as far as it would go and took a deep breathe….and then he saw his trunk almost as if he saw it for the first time.

He took himself over to his old deck of cards, and practiced a trick, and then stretched his trunk out like his wand had never left him, and realized his trunk could be his wand…and the magic had been with him all along.

The End.

I just never finished writing it…it’s a fun little rhyming story.  Maybe I should rewrite it.  Anybody want to illustrate?

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