What’s wrong with me?
Said the E.
She wasn’t feeling well,
she was sure that if grace
was a place
she fell
and she had landed in the depths of hell.
Poor E!
When she saw she was on her knees
What happened to her?
It was all such a blur
but now all she saw was ‘M’
Oh goodness this horrifying whirlwind!
So she rolled over on her side
arms and legs out but wanting to hide.
Rolling back
as if to stave off attack,
legs like prongs now all wrong
A double YOU- a W now?
Now feeling quite defiant E laid on the ground
Stared at the sky and started shuffling her prongs around.
“What do you you want me to be?”
How do I get back to that E
I was before these masks?
And God sent a wind
that allowed E to begin standing up again.
and said.
“All you needed to do was ask.”


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