22. Control


My Ghost Speaks

In a stint of soul searching I found myself in a rather a self destructive promiscuous phase post trauma. Because of circumstance I thought my value and worth came through sex.  AND IN THIS STINT I WAS ALARMED BY HOW MEN THOUGHT THAT CONTROL came through violence. Real control in sex is not violence, its knowing the other persons body better than they do…BY CHOICE AND DESIRE. 
One of the most comforting things my therapist ever told me was, “You may not realize this, but you are textbook survivor.”  Please watch the video by Kati Morton, about promiscuity and sexual assault. 

Control (2015)

Sex is a complex conversation
What are we saying,
You have to use your body language
You have to speak with you hips
not your lips
You have to have an active imagination.
I’m fascinated.
Your mouth doesn’t utter a peep,
these little secrets we keep.

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