If Facebook Ceases

I’m not gonna say (again) that I’m gonna take a reprieve from facebook.  I do love it on so many levels.  It’s like being able to still be on ship with shipmates that now live from New Zealand to Africa to Alaska or the Netherlands.  It’s like still being neighbors with my Eglon family, that dysfunction that helped make me me, and who I will always love, despite the odd upside down and backwards.

I think I primarily keep facebook and my twitter account to advertise my blog…. but perhaps, my blog will either be shared or not shared, with or without my saying I’m sharing….you know?  So, if I should disappear from facebook for whatever duration, please to check in with me, know you can contact me through my blog (and should just follow it anyways).  Or at ghost speak ing AT g mail . COM…..(without the code…please don’t spam me…)

Love you all.

emma b
my ghost speaks, yo.  🙂


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