End Times

I remember being a little girl, and being told in church that for the most part, people from every generation thought they lived in end times…but now….I am beginning to SEE things that make me believe maybe our generation is like an X that marks the spot in this world.  Perhaps we have reached that height that peak of awareness and consciousness and connectedness….wickedness is being exposed.  Apathy is being exposed.  Change is coming…

I am curious about the rapture.  My mom said she wants to get swept up and taken somewhere awesome….she think’s that would be cool.  She’s sixty five…maybe she’s bored of this scenery…or maybe in her imagination when the rapture is said to happen is that she is being transported to a place she can fly and breathe underwater!  UGH!

I LOVE THIS EARTH.  She is a beautiful creation and a testament, a living breathing testament of God’s love and creation.  Proof to me that there is a creator, and something that humbles me and reminds me how small and fleeting this human life is.  I think that God loves his canvas as much as he loves his children….Even more, perhaps the EARTH is his creation, these planets….but humanity is simply a creation she birthed.  I don’t know.  I just know….we were given the responsibility to be a caretaker of her, and we have not taken care of her.  I cannot imagine the heartache in watching human’s rape, pillage, murder and overtake….I am embarrassed to belong to the human race.

I like to think of the rapture as ….the bad guys get SUCKED UP….POOF….food for the father.

Interesting times we are living in, my friends…interesting times indeed.  I suggest you choose your side….just…the good side, or the bad side…skin color has nothing to do with it….Jesus loves you and GOD IS LOVE- have faith and do not be afraid.



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