An Open Letter To Lacey Menne


My sister from another mister.  A Menne.  Who married an Anders….I love that, because Bjorn’s name was Bjorn Anders…I always felt like we were family, simply because we grew up in the same area…but I will never forget that day before Christmas two years ago when you looked me in the eye and said that you had heard everyone with blue eyes were traced back to a common ancestor.  I like that :).

At some point I’m going to tell that story, because that is where I began rebuilding hope after meeting hopeless….and you played such a pivotal role in that.  I needed a sister to sit across from me.  I will never forget your kindness, the delicious of the meals you fed me when I had nothing. In fact, I’m excited to put it to words, that string of …. lost.  And finding found.

I just wanted you to know that I am doing well.  Coming back to life.  I’m living and working in a half mile radius in a town that reminds me of Kingston…  Today I put on music in my RV …my home on wheels…and I danced like I didn’t care, and sang like…I didn’t care…and it felt so good.  And it reminded me of who I was before -when things were a bit more carefree…and why I used to do it…felt really good.  🙂  And made me think of you and your family.  Thank you for being you.  Love you.  🙂



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