Can I Get a FITNESS!?

Fitness has been a major part of my life.

I took a year long fitness training program at Ashmead College, and worked for several different gyms over the years as a personal trainer and also competed in MMA at a professional level.

Truthfully:  I stopped personal training and leading boot camps because I couldn’t stand my own oxy moron.  I have, historically, been an oxymoron.  I couldn’t stand personal training because I felt like a liar, telling people how to be healthy.  Yes – I had always been an athlete…but I had been smoking since I was sixteen (though I had quit for eight years)….I’m quirky and need to tame my quirks.  It’s hard to pretend to be someone that could help other’s find health and wellness when I may have looked the part…but it was a lie to pretend to be a role model.  It felt wrong, talking to someone about how to eat healthy, when I myself lived out of 7-11’s.

I’m currently following a blog:  A WordPress blogger sharing her journey.  It’s inspiring me as I work to tame my quirks and congruent myself, to hear of how someone else is creating change in their Today.  Yesterday is my resume – the Present is a gift.  And Tomorrow is a holiday in Heaven, cause I will never set foot in it in this life.

I started working out again today for the first time in quite a long while.  Waking up from a long stint of depression has been like waking up from a coma.  So first I had to just stand again…then I had to remember how to walk…

It was a good day.  Forward is the only direction on my compass…



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