This is @#&@!!

This society ….gives me a stomachache.

I’m trying to be compassionate and non judgemental about things…but this gray area our society loves to stir up, that mucky, foggy, difficult to navigate lack of delineation between what is or what is not acceptable….

So I decide what’s acceptable for me….which means diving first into some gray area and grabbing the white and black out of it, to create some firm lines in the sand between what I feel is right for myself –  ….

Pedophelia is NOT a sexuality.  I wish whatever agenda is pushing for that narrative would stop.  I didn’t survive this life and face my giants just to wake up from the past to realize not only has nothing changed, after all these years….but it’s just getting worse. The slap in the face stings.

Pedophelia is NOT a sexuality because a sexuality is an expression of love, and love and abuse are like oil and water.  Abuse IS NOT LOVE and acting on pedophelia is abuse, by default.  Secondly – teaching a child it’s OK to to be used and thrown away or that it’s OK to treat other’s like that, is disgusting.  A pedophile is not attracted to the person, they are attracted to their innocence and their sex, and when they are done feeding off them, like a vampire, they will then begin to groom another youth…because these people are attracted to youth, not young adults…not adults…longevity in relationships will escape them because their lust has a short shelf life.  Being attracted to kids is not a sexual orientation, that’s a crime.  It creates a ripple effect of havoc.

THERE….that’s where I stand.  No gray area…this topic is BLACK AND WHITE.


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