All I ever wanted to do was be a writer.

I couldn’t speak correctly, “R’s” were difficult.  I’m forty years old and I still get tongue tied…I was very shy.  I would hug my mother’s leg while we stood in line at the grocery store.  I remember being little.  I remember a lot of things.  I am rather impressed that I made it to forty…and impressed with how good my cross-checking memory is….Some things I wish I could cut out of the story, and things would be fine…but perhaps that will be my next blob post.

Forty is going to be an interesting year.  I will share it with you as it unfolds.  I’m going to regain my firm grip on the things that are important to me and I am going to do the best I can with what I have been given.  What else can you do than that?  Sometimes my best was definitely subpar.  But…my potential has only been tapped into…which is exciting!  Human BEING.  Not human done did been.  😉




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  1. Once again the OUTSTANDING young woman I love so dearly is taking charge & ready to face new challenges. I am sure you will succeed & everyone will benefit from you facing your struggles.


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