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Can’t afford to pay to be heard anymore….still mostly free at Patreon, only the good stuff is subscriber only, but I appreciate any support I get.

and I reread this ish….god man….my last few posts….started to reread, then stopped but…I remember that day and it’s over but maybe those are some posts I don’t ever need to re-read throughouly, someone else can proofread, otherwise I suppose it just is what it is…..I had to write it….Cause someone someone day will meet this guy and know who he was….and Karma is ruder than I am.

Just like I had to write bout the hometown, and go back and face giants, cause that is all I could do, but other’s will be safer because I spoke up.  You know.  It was the only tool I had.  And I know it made a difference…because people came to me in private and thanked me….

Wasn’t for nothing.

Of all the problems in the world, this ghost Emma Krsistine is really not the worst thing out there….

The end.





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