I Love You

I love you like the sun loves the moon.
I can feel you but never quite see you
because I fall asleep before you loom.
But your glow
I feel I know
even when it’s never
been able to tell me so.
My goal
is to someday understand
and then
stand upright
and show.

I love you like
the sky loves the ground.
I love you like something lost
longing and
hoping to be found.
I hope my long will meet your short
and that we can create a song,
Like the sea and the shoreline
someday something we will find
we were missing all along….
like an ideal
we can’t only feel
together is real.
alone is fake.
I love you,
i love you…
with every breath I take.


My brother Kevin Nielsen is an amazing painter.  It was just his 43rd bday….and this poem was dedicated to him.




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