Thank You, Society

Thank you, Society, for breaking down before I did, so I don’t feel so grossed out….I no longer feel like a bitch for not liking our manipulative step sibling to all.  SS —step-sibling, BIG BROTHER, Government, IDK….whatever is clever …..I don’t feel bad saying I don’t like Da Beer, or debir or King Eglon or whatever made this analemma 88 ghost speaking story so STRANGE.  STRANGER THINGS THOUGH.   Exists, right?

I feel like I was born in the Upside Down.

I feel like I was born in CONFUSION, infilitrated by POISON.

I have faith that the God that loves me that has kept me alive, SEES THAT.  Not the god of this world, the GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE….the Jesus in my heart, the HOPE THAT IS….IDK….I’m just gratedful, today, to be – and no longer ashamed I wanted to die so badly, I get it.  I forgive me….but I’m flipping the script a lil bit, I’m writing my ship….I mean, “righting” my ship.  I’m going to make sense of things, in my own heart, and understand why I feel what I feel.  And feel it, without debir.   I’m ready.  OOOOH….. I get angry.  But I can do this.  I


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