Yeah I’m Lost.


Don’t judge me.  Please, cause if I’m anything, I’ve been a judge.  Not on purpose, but I saw stuff, saw a lot, and saw too much.  I am what I see I see what I saw I can not unhear or unsee the ick that has been a sick in me.

My family has been afraid for a long time that I would talk, they love me.  They tell me, they have helped scrape me up off sidewalks.  But forgive me.  …to be truth it is clear Da BERR like DEBIR IS TO EGLON has been a rude friend all along.  Like Beer has been to emma kristine, this lil ghost lil ghoul who coulndn’t say her “r’s” just learning to pronounce things.

Corrction:  People that read anything I said about my Aunt Kyle….know I love my Aunt Kyle, with her words she ripped me down but with her words she also explained, these things won’t break you.  She was a strong, competative woman that was contrast to my mother, who was more passive, and pleasing.  I am grateful for all the strong females I have met in this life.  I’m sorry I can’t write it all quick enough….I share as I go along.  Kyle was a blessing, she gave me my cousins, and she played sports with me, and paid for us to take Tennis lessons, together… not think I hated my aunt Kyle, she taught me, sometimes you have to be mean….you juste have to be straight and narrow like an arrow.  This is Emma from PILOT POINT trying to remember the POINT.  Do not think I did not learn from the put downs life gave me, or the correction from sisters on the front lines with me….Kyle was the one that taught me:  I LOVE YOU EMMA but you are gonna have to have tough skin and tell people, when they say, what do you have to say?



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