Yes, I’m a lil bit angry.
Yes.  I have been depressed, but don’t judge me!  If I wasn’t depressed then I would be lying, you would be too.  NO – I don’t need therapy.

I realize I got nobody to hash things out with but I’m fine, I have a blog, if people want to read they can, and if they don’t I’m not bombarding them with shit they don’t wanna know.  This is why I blog.  So I can be an open book, take me or leave me.  I’ll vent to cyber space, and God, and I’m leaving the world alone.  I don’t know anything anymore….so….this ghost from Eglon just want’s to crawl back into her shell.

I don’t need therapy because I’ve had therapy.  I’ve said more than I ever needed to say.  Nothing changes around me, and I’m expected to just accept that it was all for nothing.  All that.  IT WAS NOT PLEASANT.  And nothing changed or changes around me, and I’m a fuck for thinking I could make any difference.  I know I helped people along the way, and it wasn’t not for not but….round and round the world goes.  I just wanna be again, instead of reliving death over and over.  But….the world didn’t change so….probably will die again.  Running out of lives.



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