Rude and Mean

Denise said it…

I love it when Denise goes into storyteller mode.  Likewise, with Laura.  I realize…


I like to listen.  I spoke once.  I talked.  I talked a lot.  Nothing happened.  When I spoke.  Nothing changed, except the way I viewed things because people and life were sure there to correct my poor grammar.

I don’t know what I what I was expected to learn.  I don’t know what I’m expected to do.    I’m just gonnaI just know I still am so for the next short while Emma.  Am. mE.  Is just gonna do her best to find Free and DUMB down the R’S I couldn’t say since I was lil.   Cause I see and have seen and sailed….and been.  Don’t invalidate me right now, I’m upset and downtrodden.  But I will be cause that’s all I’ve ever been made to do….just be….emma be…..finding me.



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