Gotta Draw IN-WORD right now.

This is just….tooooo much for this girl anymore.
Light be by the night sky
as I navigate these turbulent seas
that have made me
pushed me down to my knees.
humbled as I fumbled
I fumble.
No longer soft spoken
no hidden meanings or mumble.
I do not please to understand
the lessons
Learned by this
dumb free girl
freedom in chains –
no weapons just
with words to hurl,
no longer cares who she scares when she roars
Like sound travels
like eagles soar.
My their perch was our porch like an arrow tip
pinned at the croads-dead end road.
This ghost
that is a ghoul may be stubborn
but is no fool
and if this is hell I’m in
then Lord forgive me for
caving in on myself….


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