God Moment Number One

On the other side of my spiral, is shame like a blanket waiting to consume me.  Because somewhere along the line I got lost, and I am ashamed of this.  But I can shake shame’s hand, and let it shroud me for a moment, and then I’m going to pull it off of me and toss it on the ground and walk away from it, because I was not meant to live shrouded in shame.

So I am reminding myself of my foundation, something I could never have built but something rock solid, and firm, that does not quake with the world but protects like vessel that stays strong awhile it navigates the storms of the galaxies it explores.  That is my faith.

I have lost my faith at times in my life.  Or I threw it away as I felt thrown away.  I crinkled it up as if it was a piece of paper that could be tossed in the trash, as I had felt tossed in the trash.  I was lost.  Life taught strange and confusing lessons. but some transcend pain, because they are part of my foundation, faith….

God moment number one goes like this…. (to be continued.)


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